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     Please be informed that we are closed for reservations and bookings as our building has been leased to a private group.

     Thank you for your patronage.


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When you think Baguio hotels, think Innsison Apartelles

When you think Baguio transient houses, think Innsison Apartelles

When you think Baguio inns, think Innsison Apartelles

Innsison Apartelles, the better alternative to the typical Baguio hotels, inns and transient houses

baguio hotels   

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Baguio City



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INNSISON Apartelles

...convenience, comfort and economy

INNSISON is a family-ran inn/transient building built to accommodate Baguio visitors and/or transients. INNSISON offers some of the most affordable rates among Baguio hotels and other accommodation service institutions without sacrificing your comfort and convenience.  Whether you are going for a family retreat, on a honeymoon, on a mission or simply feel the need to unwind, INNSISON takes care of your hotel accommodation needs.  You will find INNSISON a better alternative than the typical Baguio hotels and transient houses.

Φ  Very affordable rate (further discount for long term stay)

Φ  Brand new, very clean, modern design

Φ  Installed with fire alarm and sprinkler system

Φ  24-hr hot and cold shower

Φ  Continuous supply of water even during summer - has own deep well

Φ  Wide selection of room configuration i.e. suite, apartelle type to dorm type

Φ  4-5 minute drive to City Hall during normal traffic

Φ  Easy to locate even for first time visitors to Baguio

Φ  No adjacent high rise structures giving excellent and unobstructed 360 degree view of Baguio

     landmarks (Lourdes Grotto, SM, City Hall, UB, Baguio Cathedral, etc) on the roof deck.

Φ  Cooking facilities

Φ  FREE unlimited internet access

Φ  Personally managed by owners

Φ  Overnight security guard on duty (soon to be 24-hr duty)

Φ  Ample, well secured and gated parking spaces

Φ  Approximately 300 meters away from the police check point


             Southbound View

          Sample Bedroom Unit

                   Front View




  When you think Baguio hotels, think Innsison Apartelles

  When you think Baguio transient houses, think Innsison Apartelles

  When you think Baguio inns, think Innsison Apartelles

Innsison Apartelles, the better alternative to the typical Baguio  hotels, inns and transient houses


BAGUIO CITY.  Established as the Summer Capital of the Philippines in 1903, Baguio City is the foremost tourist destination in the Philippines. Mention Baguio City and the first few thoughts that comes
to mind are pine trees, cool temperature, fresh vegetables, cultural and historical variety.

Baguio City is blessed with a cool climate. It averages 20C or 68F which is around eight
degrees lower than those of the lowlands including Manila. This alone, is enough reason to
drive people from nearby and far away cities and provinces to go up to Baguio.

Located 5000 feet above sea level and sitting on a plateau, Baguio is five to six hours away
from Manila via Kennon Road and by an additional one hour via Marcos Highway. People from
the north reaches Baguio via Naguilian Rd.


BAGUIO CITY TOURIST ATTRACTIONS.  Baguio City is home to many tourist spots and is a getaway of those living not only in Metro Manila, nearby lowlands but the entire Philippine populace.

Burnham Park 
Burnham Park is Baguio City's premier park. While Manila has Luneta or Rizal Park, Baguio City has Burnham Park. Named in honor of its planner and architect, Daniel Burnham, Burnham park is the most popular park in Baguio City.   read more...
Baguio Cathedral 
A majestic church built on top of a hill, and seen from many parts of the city.
Session Road 
The main avenue of the city and is its commercial center. Along the main street and sidestreets are numerous shops, restaurants, billiard halls, and duckpin bowling alleys.
Camp John Hay 
Once a military recreational camp of the Americans during World War II, it is now a popular destination for people who wish to see the pine forests in the city. It also boasts of a sprawling country club with a full 18-hole golf course as well as many trendy restaurants and a nice hotel.
Mines View Park 
Located at the extreme northeast of the city, it boasts a spectacular view of Benguet's gold and copper mines.
The Mansion 
The official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. The main gate is an exact replica of the one found in Buckingham Palace in London.
Baguio Botanical Garden 
Also known as the Igorot Village, it contains many Igorot houses amidst various flora and fauna that grow in the cool climate of the city. Tourists can usually take pictures with the Igorot tribesmen dressed in their traditional costume.
The Orchidarium 
A showcase for the various breeds of flowers and plants that are grown in the region around Baguio.
Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary 
A haven for free minds and bodies. The Eco-tour refreshes the eyes with nature's feast of flowers. The gallery inspires one's creativity.
King Louie's Farm 
A ranch for the growth of cut flowers.
Tam-Awan Village 
A reconstructed native village which also has an art gallery and attracts many indigenous artists.
Itogon Wood Carver's Village 
Three kilometers of independent indigenous wood carvers. The works of these carvers range from very small figurines to huge statues.
Asin Hot Springs 
Actually located in Benguet but considered a city resource, it contains a natural hotspring. The city and other private concerns have built swimming pools for tourists. The area is very under-developed but is still a place that tourists should visit.
Wright Park 
Named after the architect who designed the city, it features a shallow elongated rectangular body of water known as the "Pool of Pines". At one end, there is a circle where visitors can go horseback-riding.

Some other frequently-visited spots in the city include the Lourdes Grotto, Teacher's Camp, the Bell Church, Lion's Head, and the public market, a favorite place for tourists looking for souvenirs.


BAGUIO HOTELS and ACCOMMODATION SERVICES. Baguio hotels have been dominated mainly by the same names for the past many years.  It is only recently  that a few new hotels, inns, transient houses and other accommodation services started to show up.  INNSISON Apartelles is a proud  addition to this list.   

BAGUIO TRANSIENT HOUSE. Many people who come to Baguio especially big groups usually look for a transient house instead of a Baguio hotel or an inn. There is the usual notion that a  Baguio transient house  is cheap and "everything is there" meaning all that are needed are available. There are many houses rented out as transient house in Baguio. These are usually rented out to take advantage of the influx of tourists coming to the city especially during summer. In many cases, such houses are not intended as vacation houses and therefore, these houses may not be well-maintained and unprepared for tourists or vacationers.    read more...